Why is Journaling Important?

life coaching Aug 24, 2021

Journaling is a wonderful way to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. It can also be an excellent way to process what's going on in our lives, think through problems, and keep track of events that may not seem important at the time but later turn out to be significant. And yet it’s something that most people don't do consistently. Why? Here are five reasons why you should start journaling right now.

1) Journaling helps you figure things out for yourself - There aren't any wrong answers when you're journaling; no one needs to know what's inside your head but you! So if there are difficult decisions or conflicts in life where we have trouble figuring things out, we can work everything through in our journal. Plus, we can go back to it later and see what our thoughts were at the time - a kind of historical record of how we felt. The important thing is that even if you don't decide on a specific action in your journaling, you'll come to a place of understanding and clarity about the situation - which is the whole point of working through a problem.

2) Journaling allows you to live in the moment - When we're journaling, we focus on the events going on around us because we're so busy writing it all down. We become very present and aware of where we are (so much so that some people worry about this aspect of journaling). By keeping ourselves grounded in the present, we can fill our life with experiences that enrich and make us who we are. And when a particularly wonderful experience happens, it's fun to look back and see if you wrote about it!

3) Journaling documents your creative process - Many people have artistic talents they don't know how to use. It's like having a box of crayons sitting in the closet when you could be coloring! When we journal, we are able to bring out our artistic side and create beautiful pieces or writing that express our creativity. And then we have something tangible and permanent that is very personal, as well as shareable with others if they'd like to see it.

4) Journaling can help you connect with others - Words are powerful and when we share for the first time what's been on our minds, some amazing things can happen. It could lead to a conversation where someone helps us understand more about ourselves and what's going on in our lives. Other times, people will ask to see our work and will comment on what we've written. Either way, it's a great way to connect with others in a meaningful way.

5) Journaling can help you form habits - Habits are things we do without thinking about them. Sometimes they're good (like eating a healthy breakfast each morning), sometimes they're not so good (like snacking on junk food because you ate dinner late). Writing in our journals can be a healthy habit to get into, especially if it's something we do daily or even several times a day. The more the better!

So what are you waiting for? What's been going on with you lately? Journal about it and see what happens!

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